What to expect

Getting you back doing what you want

With a background working in elite sport, I am familiar with using physiotherapy to get you back to what you want to do as quickly and efficiently as possible. It really doesn’t matter if your goal is to run a marathon, play that all important game of rugby or simply do the gardening or be able to go to work, the principles of the physiotherapy are the same.

I believe in a fast, effective solution to your problem. I take the time to listen properly to what you tell me about yourself and your injury. This is followed by a detailed assessment with an understandable explanation of what is wrong and what the physiotherapy plan is to solve it.

Hands on physiotherapy treatment

A hands-on approach is the mainstay of treatment – stiff joints need to be mobilised, tight muscles need to be released. In conjunction with this, you will be given rehabilitation exercises that are both specific to you and fit in with your lifestyle. These will help to maintain what we achieve with manual physiotherapy as well as build the strength and stability needed to fully resolve the problem and prevent it from reoccurring.. I will also provide advice on how to go about certain activities to reduce the strain on particular areas, for example how to improve the ergonomics of your desk at work, or suggestions to alter your bike set up to avoid unnecessary overload to certain structures.

Resolving the issue

As a general rule, the expectation is to fully resolve your problem in a few physiotherapy sessions. I do not want to see you for weeks on end. The aim is to address the underlying cause rather than simply treat the symptoms. To achieve this I use a combination of cutting-edge, evidence-based practice and years of experience. Occasionally, it may take a bit longer depending on your problem but you will always be given an idea of how many physiotherapy sessions it is expected to take.

If I do not feel that physiotherapy is the answer for you, I will tell you and point you in the right alternative direction, be that a scan or referral on to a consultant. I can also suggest who the best person is to see as this can be a minefield.

In short, I am very passionate about physiotherapy and will resolve your problem in the most effective way possible.